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You’re a smart enough consumer to know that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially when it comes to advertising.

There are no silver bullets, or secret potions, or magic wands that work perfectly every time, for every person.

And the same is true with Invisalign.

As much as our dentists and patients love the results they’ve seen with Invisalign, we are also realistic – Invisalign is NOT the right solution for everybody.

There are 3 types of situations where another solution might be a better fit than Invisalign.

1. Do you have SEVERE crowding, alignment, or bite problems?

Invisalign works best to straighten mild to moderate tooth position issues. If your teeth have severe alignment issues, there may be better ways to help. 

Our dentists would be happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation (link to FIRST VISIT page) to help you decide which way to go.

2. Are you looking for the cheapest possible solution?

Invisalign is truly a life changing solution. Many of our dentists and team members are patients themselves, so they know exactly how easy it can be for Invisalign to deliver a healthy, beautiful, and confident smile. 

Invisalign uses the latest digital imaging, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing technology. And it requires a high level of expertise and continual training by our team. 

So even though Invisalign is NOT the cheapest solution, we do our best to make it as affordable as possible. 

Click here to learn more about what Invisalign really costs, and how some of our patients pay as little as $190 per month.

3 .Can you count on yourself to wear and take care of your Invisalign trays properly?

One of the best things about Invisalign is that they are removable, which makes them easy to wear and clean. 

But for some people, one of the WORST things about Invisalign is that… they’re removable.

They aligners only work when you wear them. So if you don’t think you can stick to a regular routine of taking them out to clean and eat, and then putting them back in for the other 22 hours of the day, then your treatment can get off track and take longer than expected. 

In this case, traditional metal braces that are glued to your teeth might be a better fit, although they are less comfortable, harder to clean, and don’t look as nice as Invisalign.

If Invisalign is NOT the right fit for you… don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Once we understand your situation, what you’ve been through in the past, and what you want your smile to look and feel like in the future, almost always we can find a solution that IS the perfect fit for you.

CLICK HERE to request a complimentary consultation and we’ll help you figure out the best way to move forward.

We promise no judgment, no lectures, and no hassles.

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