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If you’re like most people these days, you’ve had some experience “working from home”.

And even if you haven’t personally used remote work at your own job, you’ve at least taken advantage of online shopping or food delivery.

The virtual world has made it safer, easier, and more convenient to get things done.

And now you can get dental help and ask questions about your smile from home!

We’ve developed a Virtual Invisalign Consultation platform that allows you to “talk to the dentist” from the safety and comfort of your living room couch (or anywhere you can get a cell signal!).

To get your complimentary Virtual Invisalign Consultation, you answer some online questions about your smile. You also have the option of sending us a selfie so we can analyze your smile. The whole process takes 60 seconds. Within 48 hrs, Dr. Meagan Bennett will personally review your case and create a video explaining what she sees and what options might work for you, including the time and cost involved.

There’s no obligation and no pressure. Just straight answers so you can make smart decisions about your smile.

CLICK HERE to start your Virtual Invisalign Consultation.

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