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If you’re thinking of straightening your teeth, you’ve probably wondered whether you should choose Invisalign or regular metal braces.

It wasn’t that long ago that regular metal braces were faster, cheaper, and more effective than Invisalign.

But advances in dental technology have evened the playing field.

These days, Invisalign can handle almost any tooth alignment problem. And for many cases, Invisalign is actually FASTER and LESS EXPENSIVE than metal braces.

That’s why Invisalign is becoming more and more popular – over 5 million patients across the globe… and counting!

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons between Invisalign and metal braces:

You should choose metal braces if…

  • you don’t care that the metal shows when you smile
  • you don’t think you can be responsible enough to take your aligners in and out
  • you like the idea of the braces being glued to your teeth so you don’t lose them!

You should choose Invisalign if…

  • you prefer an “invisible” clear plastic aligner to metal brackets and wires
  • you worry about foods like bread and lettuce getting stuck around metal braces
  • you like the flexibility of taking your aligners out to eat and clean your teeth

So… what should YOU do? The next step is to meet in person so we can review your smile, your goals, your priorities, and your budget.

Then we can come up with the perfect solution that is just right for you!

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