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Getting your child to eat a snack that they enjoy and is good for them can feel like an impossible feat. As the mother of five children, Dr. Meg understands this challenge. She has compiled a list of teeth-friendly snacks for the whole family, so you can enjoy the sweet sounds of happy eaters.

Lots of Moo Juice

It might be gross, but saliva is a blessing for your teeth. Your body creates saliva to continually rinse your mouth of all the gunk that gets lodged in your teeth. Foods that require more chewing stimulate this production, and one of the best foods to use is cheese. In fact, cheese slices, milk, and low-sugar yogurt are some of the best snacks for your child and their growing mouth. In addition to its saliva-inducing qualities, dairy is best known for its high volume of calcium, which can create stronger teeth. But there is a caveat to eating dairy for oral health: Opt for low-sugar items to avoid tooth decay.

An Apple a Day

Apples don’t just keep the doctor away; this handy fruit also promotes proper oral health! Apples rub away the grime and plaque other food leaves behind on your teeth, but unlike other crunchy foods, apples are not just supplying you with an edible toothbrush. While they can taste sweet, apples tend to be lower in sugar than other crunchy foods, such as granola or crackers. Apples are also packed with nutrients that specifically target the health of your teeth and gums, making the apple an oral superfood.

Go Green

Raw vegetables are some of the best foods for your teeth. Much like apples and cheese, vegetables can scrub away bacteria and plaque that stick to your teeth and rot your mouth. In addition, crunching produces more of that handy saliva that scrubs your teeth naturally. Lastly, raw vegetables are packed with vitamins to support oral health. Leafy greens, like kale or Swiss chard, boost your oral health with calcium, while carrots boast vitamin A, a gum-building nutrient.

Steer clear of sugary snacks and high-citrus foods, and instead, pack your children’s lunchboxes with delicious snacks that promote their mouth’s defences.

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