The Biggest Mistake that Dental Implant Patients Make

The biggest mistake that I see dental implant patients in Hamilton, ON make is that they assume all implant dentists are the same. I think this mentality comes from our medical care system. When you have a problem and need a visit to the emergency room, you don’t have to think about which ER you go to or which doctor you are going to see. You just go whichever ER is the closest, and you see whoever happens to be on shift.


If you have been unlucky like me, and have made several trips to the ER in the past, you’ve probably had some really great experiences and some not-so-great ones. 


A few years ago, I took my 4-year-old son to the ER in Hamilton because he was having trouble breathing. All I can say is that we couldn’t have had a better experience. The nurses got him seen right away. Within minutes, the doctor was there and had my son hooked up to monitors and on medications. I learned that the ER doctor on shift was a mother. She understood what it was like bringing your kid to the ER and how scary that can be. So she was awesome at making my wife and I feel calm, confident, and comforted that we are in good hands.


But now, let me tell you about a not-so-great trip to the ER.


A while back, I was playing softball and hurt my leg. I drove myself to the hospital. I sat there for probably three hours. I had to check in twice because I discovered the triage nurses forgot that I was there. Eventually, I saw the doctor who spent maybe 30 seconds pushing and pulling my leg then told me I was fine. I was told to go home because “everything’s going to be okay.”


The next day, I got a phone call from the hospital. Apparently, the radiologist looked over my x-ray and said that the ER doctor from the night before had missed something – my leg was broken. So I had to come into the hospital right away to have surgery.


Now, I don’t know if the ER doctor that checked my leg was tired or stressed out or just extremely busy. But he didn’t take a lot of time with me. What I do know is that he missed something on the x-rays, which led to a really bad and scary experience for me.


Finding a good implant dentist in the Hamilton, ON area is not much different from our experiences in the ER. If you’ve been around the block, you’ve probably had some awesome dentists before. Unfortunately, you’ve also probably had some dentists that just didn’t feel like they were quite the right fit for you.


When you’re thinking about getting a dental implant, don’t give up your right to choose. You are entitled to that right, and you should take advantage of it.


Dental implants are surgery, just like the surgery I had in my leg. Not every implant dentist in Hamilton has the same level of experience in dental implants. They don’t all use the same materials in the lab of their dental clinic. They won’t all take the same amount of time with you.  


And you won’t feel the same level of trust and confidence in all of them.


Maybe you’re thinking about replacing some of your teeth. Maybe you’re not completely happy with the way your smile looks and feels. Maybe you’re on the fence about doing something about your smile. Or, perhaps, you just haven’t found the dentist who is quite right for you. 


If you’re stuck feeling all these, our cosmetic and implant dentists in Hamilton can help. 


Let’s meet for a zero-risk complimentary dental implant consultation. Our Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Centres serve Ancaster, Hamilton, Dundas, and Stoney Creek. We will go over your needs and priorities. Rest assured that we will figure out a plan together to get your smile looking and feeling the way you want again. 


Our promise to you: no judgment, no lectures, and no hassles.

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