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Advertisement, marketing and commercial gimmicks can have just about anyone believing they hype about the trendiest products! Even as dental professionals, we can sometimes question whether products DO what they actually CLAIM.

One thing that we all agree on at Smiling Dental, is that whitening toothpastes are trendy but inefficient. There are very few regulations on the claims that can be placed on the boxes and tubes of toothpastes lining the oral care aisle of local stores. Often products will CLAIM to get your pearly whites 3-6 shades lighter in just days! Unfortunately, these claims are unfounded.

Most whitening toothpaste contain silica particles or other abrasive particles that can actually abrade the enamel (white part of the tooth) and even cause damage and sensitivity. The claim that they “remove stain” is true if they are talking about superficial stains that are on the outer layer of the teeth … BUT… regular toothpaste can ALSO do this as well.

The truth is… you don’t have to purchase expensive toothpaste brands. If you do not have sensitive teeth, then any regular fluoridated toothpaste is a great option.

And if you are looking for whitening, save it to the professionals! Choose CUSTOM whitening from a DENTAL PROFESSIONAL!

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