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Hi, it’s me Dr. MeAgan Bennett. I am super pumped today to talk about the launching of our family’s very first practice.

So we’re going to own a family practice and it’s going to be in Ancaster. It’s going to be super fun – we’ve got an awesome team! Our dental name for our practice is Smiling Dental, and the background behind that is also super cute and awesome. Our last name is Ling… L- I –N- G.. and I always tell my kids to “Just keep smiling”… Smi – Ling. The kids think it’s funny, my husband does not. Anyways, we’re going to be opening shortly, at the end of March or the beginning of April. Super pumped! If you want to come out and check it out, come out and walk around the office see what we’ve got to offer. We’re going to be offering Family Dentistry, any kind of dentistry, we do it all. But I’m super, super pumped and this boss is ready to go! I’ve got a super pumped team ready to go and all excited to see you! So come out for our launch party!!!

Click here to meet Ancaster ON’s newest family dentist!

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