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Dr. Meg: Hi, it’s almost bedtime here at the Ling house. We’ve got Brooke here in her jammies, her Christmas jammies, her gingerbread “Oh Snap!” jammies.

The reason why I’ve got Brooke here is because Brooke is actually one of my success stories. I had to take out two teeth on Brooke and she was really anxious and really nervous. Her sister ended up having to have some sedation because she was not one of my success cases. But for Brooke, she actually was very nervous and tell everybody what happened, Brooke.

Brooke: Mommy pulled out two teeth but they didn’t hurt at all because she sang me tooth songs, and then she put something in my mouth so that I couldn’t feel anything.

Dr. Meg: Yes, I put lots of gel on, and what was I singing about?

Brooke: Teeth!

Dr. Meg: Just funny songs about teeth?

Brooke: Yep

Dr. Meg: Was I a good singer?

Brooke: No!

Dr. Meg: I know, I’m not a very good singer. It’s not my forte. So yeah, Brooke was one of my success stories and she ended up having 2 of her teeth out. She didn’t even know they were out once they were out!

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