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Why does your dentist recommend fluoridated toothpaste?

What is so special about Fluoride?

Fluoride is commonly used in dentistry and highly recommended by oral health care professionals.

Fluoride makes your tooth (the enamel or white part of your tooth) stronger and more resistant to acid attack. Therefore, Fluoride significantly lowers your risk of tooth decay and acts to PREVENT cavities!

Fun Facts About Fluoride

1. It can actually rebuild/remineralize the enamel and even reverse early tooth decay!

2. It helps to slow down the loss of important minerals found in your teeth which helps protect you from getting cavities

3. Do you know that since the introduction of Fluoride, huge reductions in tooth decay have been noted all around the globe

4. It helps DECREASE & IMPROVE tooth sensitivity

Not all patients are interested in having fluoride in their toothpaste. If you are looking for a non-fluoridated option- Tom’s Toothpaste has a variety of flavours (you can get it with or without fluoride).  As long as you remember that it is the Fluoride that makes the toothpaste anti-cavity!

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