Keeping your kids happy and healthy is so much easier when they LOVE visiting the dentist

We help your kids LOVE their dental visits so they grow up with healthy and happy smiles that will last a lifetime.

We meet adult patients all the time who are so afraid of the dentist that they ignore their dental problems. They put them off for so long that when they are finally forced to do something about their problem, it ends up being EXTRA stressful, and EXTRA chaotic, and EXTRA expensive. Almost always, these fearful patients can trace their anxiety back to a bad experience as a child.

We believe that by getting kids started with a dentist they love, they can learn to actually look forward to their dental visits and avoid the unnecessary pain, embarrassment, frustration, and cost that comes with avoiding the dentist as an adult.

Dr. Meagan Bennett, Dr. Michael Ling, and family

When our kids LOVE their dental visits, we as parents smile too because:


You don’t have to worry anymore about bribing your kids or tricking them about their upcoming appointment.


Their visits are filled with smiles and laughs and photos, instead of screaming and tantrums and tears.


Dental problems are always easier, safer, faster, and cheaper when they can be detected and treated early.

Meet Dr. Meagan Bennett

For more than 14 years, Dr. Meagan Bennett has helped thousands of children learn to love their dental visits. As a mother of 5 children under 11 years old, Dr. Meg has a special touch with kids. She is well known for being able to quickly connect with kids and build trust, so they have easy, pleasant, and even FUN visits.

Dr. Meg believes that the key to making kids comfortable at their dental visits is to build trust. She works hard to find common ground, share stories, and make your child feel safe. Dr. Meg’s superpower is that she can get a laugh out of anyone!

Our littlest patients love watching their favourite movie on Netflix while we give their teeth a bubble bath. And their smiles get even bigger when they earn a gold coin that they can exchange for a treat from our toy machine!

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

Dr. Meg will meet with you and your child, learn what’s most important to you, and make some recommendations

 Your child will LOVE their dental visits, and look forward to coming back each time. Guaranteed!

Convenient, Caring, Cost-Effective Smile Care For Your Children?

It's my pledge to you!

From One Parent To Another:

I’m sure you’re an excellent multi-tasker. But do you need yet another ball to juggle? Do you want your family’s dental health to be yet another task on your already jam-packed plate?

No, your family’s smiles should spark joy, not stress! I’m a dentist, but I’m also a mom…

So, when I thought about the kind of practice I’d like to own, I asked…

What do Ancaster moms and dads (like you) want for their families?

And here’s what I came up with...

  • You want a dentist who makes life easier for you.
  • You want a dentist who is affordable.
  • You want a dentist who your child loves to visit.


But those are just words. Any dentist can SAY they’re convenient, caring, and affordable.

So I decided to guarantee it.

To make to our mission statement. To make it my professional promise to all Ancaster moms and dads who trust us with their family’s precious smiles…

My super mom family smily pledge

My Guarantees To You:

I promise that you will feel like your family’s dental care is “taken care of.” The last thing you need is another hassle to organize, hustle, and manage! You’re busy enough as it is.
We got this!

I promise to explain your options in easy-to-understand terms, so you can feel confident you’re making good decisions. No judgment. No pressure. I won’t let you stress out over dental expenses.

I promise that your children will delight in, and even look forward to, their dental care visits. No more tantrums . No more stressful visits. And no more irritable little ones on your hands!

And Finally... My "Dinner And A Smile Guarantee"

If you can’t look me in the eye and say this was honestly the most pleasant trip to the dentist you’ve ever had… then not only will I help you find another dentist who’s a better fit and pay for your first visit there, but I’ll also buy your family dinner at your favourite restaurant! 

3 things you should know about me

1. I knew I wanted to be a dentist since I was a young child.

I could not have picked a more fitting career. I enjoy every day I am at work! I also really enjoy working with children, so most days I get the best of both worlds.

2. I come from a large family from Newfoundland.

I always knew I wanted a large family and my husband and I have 5 children under 11 years old: Avery, Brooke, Brady, Parker, and Meadow. I do not think we will add anymore children in the future… but who knows?!

3. I always dream of one day doing stand up comedy!

I enjoy listening to stories and jokes and I find myself practicing out my own material on patients! The kids tend to laugh more than the parents! 

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