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Hi, I’m Dr. MeAgan Bennett and I’m here today to tell you about three products that I secretly use that I would recommend.

#1: I would recommend Listerine with fluoride. There are mouth rinses that have fluoride in them, they’ve been taken on and off the shelves but currently they’re back on. I like to use mouth rinses that have fluoride in them.

#2: Sensitive toothpaste, my favourite sensitive toothpaste is Sensodyne, I also enjoy using Prevident, it has a weird texture to it. It does take a while to get used to but I really like them. And it does help with my root sensitivity that I have from my overaggressive brushing and a little bit of recession that I have.

#3: Another favourite product of mine is Spry gum. I get it from Goodness Me. It’s Xylitol based, which means it’s sugar free and Xylitol has been shown to prevent cavities and to help with reducing your risk of getting a cavity. So I love to chew my Spry gum and it has a good flavour to it, has good texture, and it’s fairly cost efficient for me to get. I love it!

Those are my three top products that I use, and it’s kind of a secret so I’m sharing it with you. So don’t tell anybody else!

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