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Before we opened the doors at Smiling Dental, the team sat down and talked about what our perfect workplace atmosphere would look like. We all wanted a clean, fresh start and we knew that whatever we wanted our environment to look like – we had to create it.

Our Smiling Dental Happiness At Work CHECKLIST:

  1. Positivity is a MUST
  2. No Judgement
  3. Support each other
  4. Understanding
  5. Practice what we preach
  6. Work hard… then play hard
  7. Acknowledge team members
  8. Encourage growth
  9. Help each other move outside our comfort zones

…and lastly…

  1. Whatever happens, JUST KEEP SMILING

We all fit together perfectly into a beautiful puzzle. Our strengths and weaknesses come together to form a team that functions nearly seamlessly.

We CHOSE to work together. We CREATED the culture and atmosphere we wanted. We turned what was just a group of people into a HAPPY WORK SPACE. And if you ask any one of us, we would chose it and create it… all over again… EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

It’s an amazing feeling to wake up everyday and LOVE what you do and who you get to share it with.  

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