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Little Known Sleep Disorder Potentially Affects 1 Million Kids

Our children need uninterrupted and restful sleep in order to be the best versions of themselves. But did you know that according to recent studies, more than 11% of kids have Sleep Disordered Breathing, and 98% of those cases remain undiagnosed… or even worse mis-diagnosed and treated with unnecessary surgery or medication?


• Mouth Breathing, Snoring, and Teeth Grinding
• ​ADD/ADHD-Type Symptoms
• ​Nightmares, Bedwetting, or Restless Sleep
​• Chronic Allergies, Eczema, or Asthma
• Swollen Tonsils or Adenoids
• ​Irritability, Anger, Depression, or Headaches
​• Poor Focus and Behaviour in School
​• Trouble Making Friends

Most parents don’t realize that the root cause of many of these issues is not bad behaviour, or poor parenting. In many cases, the problem is inadequate oxygenation due to a collapsed airway when you’re child is sleeping. 


With the Smile Guide appliance in place, their airway is wide open. This ensures that their growing brains and bodies get all the nourishing oxygen they need. And as parents, we all know that when our little ones are happy and thriving, the whole family’s stress levels go way down.

  • No medication, no surgery, no braces
  • No more worrying about “what’s wrong with my kid”
  • No more fear of getting bullied, or labelled as a “problem kid” at school


I’m a family dentist in Ancaster, ON whose special area of interest is helping children with their sleep problems… but I’m also a mother of 5.

As a parent, I know what it’s like when I don’t get a good sleep – I’m stressed, impatient, and irritable. I can only imagine how hard it is for our little ones to manage when they don’t sleep well the night before. It’s no wonder they get the mid-afternoon grumps, or they can’t make it through an activity-filled day without running out of steam.

Have you noticed how many kids these days are being diagnosed with things like ADD/ADHD, weird allergies, and behavioural problems? I don’t know about you… but the number of kids I know who are in some sort of therapy, or taking some sort of psychiatric medication is WAAAAAY higher than when we were kids… or even just a few years ago.

As I learn more about the critical importance of Childhood Airway Development… and the devastating impact of oxygen deficiency in our little ones’ growing brains and bodies… and the alarming side effects of conventional solutions like surgery and medication…

I’ve made it my mission to make sure that every child is screened for Sleep Disordered Breathing, and every parent knows what symptoms to look for in their own kids.

Interrupted sleep due to difficulty breathing at night is a serious medical issue that can cause permanent damage. If your child has issues with snoring, grinding, night terrors, bed wetting, irritability, or even poor focus, behaviour, or performance at school, they may be at risk.

That’s why I created my Online Sleep Risk Assessment – to make it easy to see your child’s Sleep Risk Score. The Assessment is completely FREE, and you will get your results right away.

Hayden (Age 7) and Harper (Age 5)

Stella, Age 8

Isiah (12), Jaxon (10) and Soleil (7)


500+ International Patents Awarded

50+ Years of Research

3.5+ Million Children Treated Around the World


Take the Online Assessment, or ask Dr. Meg to see if your child is at risk

Dr. Meg will use a soft, flexible, removable Smile Guide that encourages proper development of their teeth, jaws, and airway.

Your child will wake up each morning with more energy and focus after a restful, uninterrupted sleep, ready to tackle a full day.


Why Does This Happen?

When your child’s teeth or jaw are in the wrong position, they can cut off the oxygen flow through the airway. When your child lays down in bed, their tongue and jaws relax and fall backwards, partially blocking the airway. It feels like trying to breathe through a coffee straw. Your child’s brain and body don’t get the oxygen needed, which interrupts the natural sleep cycle that your child’s body needs to grow, develop, and re-energize.

What’s The Solution?

Dr. Meagan Bennett uses a soft, flexible, removable SMILE GUIDE APPLIANCE that encourages your child’s teeth and jaws to develop into their natural positions. This opens your child’s airway so they can get a more restful and energizing sleep and their bodies will get the oxygen needed to fuel an activity-filled day.

This is all done with:

  • No braces
  • No surgery
  • No medication

Dr. Meagan Bennett is one of only a handful of dentists in Ontario certified to provide Smile Guide treatment for your child.