Ancaster Dentists Dr. Meagan Bennett and Dr. Michael Ling


I want to eat and smile with confidence again.

I’m worried about my child’s sleep habits.

I want to straighten my smile with Invisalign.

I want to know what Smiling Dental is all about.

Do you or someone in your family have a smile problem?

If so, you need straight talk in order to get the solutions you want – no judgment, no lectures, no hassles. The last thing you want is a list of complicated options, or a dentist that leaves you feeling pressured, overwhelmed, and confused.

Smile problems tend to get worse (more expensive, more uncomfortable, and more inconvenient) the longer you wait. At Smiling Dental in Ancaster, our specialty is making dentistry easy and comfortable for you. Your whole family will actually look forward to visiting, and you will feel confident your smiles are in good hands! 

Our hearts break when we meet people who are suffering from dental problems because they’ve had bad experiences in the past

We’ve dedicated our careers to breaking the cycle! Here’s how we’ll do it:

It’s Your Choice Guarantee

You choose how you want your smile to look and feel, and then you can count on us to help get you there as easily as possible. 

One Dentist Guarantee

No more merry-go-round of dentists. You will only deal with the same dentist each visit, and we’ve got your back! 

No Shame Guarantee

You will never be made to feel guilty, or shamed, or judged about your smile. You WILL feel supported as you get back on track! 

And finally… My “Dinner And A Smile Guarantee”

If you can not look us in the eye and say this was honestly the easiest and most pleasant trip to the dentist you’ve ever had… not only will we help you find another dentist who’s a better fit and pay for your first visit there, but we’ll also buy your family dinner at your favourite restaurant!

Dr. Meagan Bennett

Meet The Dentists

After more than 13 years in practice, helping tens of thousands of patients with their smile problems, and sharing 5 children together, Dr. Meagan Bennett and Dr. Michael Ling have learned a thing or two about what it takes to keep families smiling. Dr. Ling is well known for tackling the tough dental problems that other dentists turn away. And Dr. Meg is beloved by families and kids because of the way she uses her Newfie sense of humour to put her patients at ease.


Dr. Michael Ling

3 easy steps to get started

Call Our Friendly Staff at 


Our Smile Professionals will take the time to get to know YOUR smile concerns and priorities.

Together we will discover a Customized Smile Plan that we guarantee will keep your whole family smiling.

The Smiling Dental Difference

At Smiling Dental, we know that you’re the kind of person who wants to find a dentist they feel good about trusting with their family’s health. You’re probably tired of other offices where you see a new dentist and staff each time. You don’t need yet another dentist who makes you feel guilty about your smile problems, or squeezes in as many patients as possible, or makes you feel bad about having to keep saying “no thanks” to treatment they keep pushing on you.

Finding a dentist you trust can be frustrating. Following bad advice can cost more than just your money… it can cost your health too.

The problem is that if you are like 90% of the patients we meet, you’ve had some bad experiences at the dentist in the past, whether that was as a child or as an adult. That makes you nervous about visiting again, even though you know that the longer you put off your problems, the harder and more expensive they become to fix.

We hear this from patients all the time, and we know how it feels.

That’s why our team of Smile Professionals has built a dental practice from the ground up that was designed to make YOUR visits as easy as possible.

It doesn’t matter whether…
• Your smile is 2 years old… or 90 .
• You’ve got small smile problems… or big ones.
• It’s been 6 months since your last dental visit… or 16 years .

At Smiling Dental in Ancaster, we’ve got your back!

We provide teeth cleanings, dental hygiene services, emergency dentistry, family dentistry, children’s dentistry, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, wisdom teeth, dental implants, dentures, complete smile makeovers… and more.

Schedule a time to visit so you can break the cycle of avoiding your smile problems and your whole family can start looking forward to dental visits again!

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